Author’s Mecca

One of the best ways to sell your books is through radio interviews. There is one specific reason this is effective: you can do it from the comfort of your home and you reach an audience you would never have been able to reach otherwise.

Book Your Guests includes 1,500 radio talk shows, 1,200 magazine resources and more than 600 TV programs that are all looking for the next run away best seller by an unknown author.

They are hungry for new content and it is the easiest method of selling your books. There is a talk show for every topic imaginable: from pets to parties; from kids to knitting; and from the Law of Attraction to Literacy in our schools.

It would take you about two years to work through the lists and about that time, they begin to call you. In fact most of the interviews I do now are from producers I’ve already worked with. It’s great when they call me: I’m already a proven commodity so I don’t have to work hard to convince them they should interview me!

It also works to their benefit because they’re not taking a chance on someone new who might not know how to handle the interview gracefully.



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