About BYG

I published my first book, Mixing It Up! The Entrepreneur’s New Testament, in 2000. I couldn’t figure out how to market my book other than through doing speaking engagements. I did fairly well and sold about a thousand books a year. It was probably easier for me since I was teaching entrepreneurs how to do their business more efficiently, profitably and with less effort.

But once I published my 5th book, “Be Your Own Boss Guide” I realized the cards are stacked against most authors. Authors are typically the artistic type. They love creating, but they’re not as good at marketing as they are at being creative.

Fortunately I was exposed to marketing experts, fell into sales in the early 80’s and managed to get pretty good at it. So for me to promote my books was a lot easier than the other authors I knew.

I took every class I could find on being a successful author. And I began to teach other authors to do what I had learned. I knew I had to create more programs to help authors.

That’s how Book Your Guests came into reality. I will continue to develop programs to help authors and get them the leg up they deserve.

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